Anticipating Your Arrival

The magnificent Grand Canyon whispers to us from its alpine home in Northern Arizona. The canyon is relatively close to Sedona, Arizona – so close; a simple two hour morning drive away – that the canyon seems to be an extension of the also magnificent spa haven that Sedona has become. Sedona is a wonderful resort home-base and the call of the Grand Canyon just 2 hours away can be answered in the form of a one-day ‘spa-trip’ that will inspire your mind, cleanse your body, and embrace your soul. Leaving your resort home-base of Sedona at sunrise, you will arrive at the Grand Canyon National Park at about 10am, giving you four hours to engage in a meaningful daytime therapeutic process.

There is a great benefit from adopting this ‘canyon-as-spa’ concept. In a conventional indoor spa, you may simply receive a cleansing and enlivening treatment, however at the Grand Canyon the glorious spirit of the place can also reach out and touch your soul. The ‘canyon-as-spa’ treatment of the Grand Canyon is a very humbling, yet gentle experience that will place an eternal etching into your heart.

Upon entry to the Grand Canyon South Rim Park, information will be given to you regarding parking and shuttle busses. There are many free shuttle busses available to take you to and from one of the several quieter official viewing points. Powel Point and Hopi Point to the west of the Grand Canyon Village, and South Kaibab Trailhead and Yaki Point to the east of the village are ideal locations from which you can choose a safe quiet area all your own. To have a safe enjoyable day, do not venture far from the official interconnecting routes of Hermits Rest Route, Village Route, and Kaibab Trail Route, and use safety guidelines given to you by the Grand Canyon National Park Rangers at the Visitor Center.

Inspiring Your Mind

When approaching the Grand Canyon National Park Village, the surrounding alpine greenery will instill feelings of reverence. The greenery evokes thoughts of other lands with majestic rocky green landscapes such as New Zealand and Switzerland. It engenders hopes and aspirations for your growth, rejuvenation, healing, and renewal.

Upon your initial peer over the breathtaking rocky landscape, whether from a cliff’s edge or from a farther standpoint, you should immediately begin a short search for another vantage point in a quiet spot. This quiet spot will be your spa ‘chair’ from which the enveloping flora and panoramic canyon vista serve as your spa ‘treatment room’.

Cleansing Your Body

Companion or group spa trips where your friends each bring a different organic treat are an excellent way to incorporate a healthy varied menu into the day’s detoxifying process. Bring a convenient cooler with ice and many bottles of water to hydrate your body and skin during the afternoon hours. Prepare or purchase healthy organic juices or fruit for your meals. Powerful ingredients such as organic wheat grass, acai, pomegranate, and antioxidant rich blueberry juices are low-calorie, nutritious additions to help your body rejuvenate.

Your body needs a lot of water in Arizona, especially while outdoors. Set aside 20 to 30 minutes during your day to take advantage of the amazingly scenic paved walkways and walk with a bottle or two of water, hydrating your system as you go along. Walking and hydration are excellent ways to help detoxify your body. Walking burns body fat which is where toxins are sometimes stored. As the water you drink hydrates and helps to keep away food cravings, your cell health is also improved. Cell wastes such as carbon dioxide, phosphates, sulfates, and even food additives are removed while you maintain your body’s hydration.

Embracing Your Soul

From the surrounding green trees of the Grand Canyon National Park to the panoramic golden-lavender hues of the Grand Canyon walls, the Grand Canyon expresses its own beauty. The cascading beauty wraps around you and embraces you as you sit in the quiet area you’ve found. As you inhale the fresh air with scents of the natural forest, place a complimentary scented natural aromatherapeutic essential oil such as cedarwood, sage, lavender, or orange beside you. This will enhance your restorative experience. Peacefully listen to the divinely relaxing sounds of rustling trees in the windy canyon area, singing birds, and wandering squirrels.

As you absorb all this beauty your internal sense of grace will increase. The canyon’s grandeur and majesty fosters a renewed sense of humility. A sense of a greater force may become present and you may even feel an emotional bonding with the universe’s majesty around you. All this majesty is truly humbling. Take this time to think of your relationship with nature and meditate on your place in the universe.

This cocooning experience should engender more mindfulness and encourage you to incorporate even more meaningful rituals into your daily live. Joyful meaningful moments such as daily meditation and yoga stretches, and journal writing can become simple daily rituals that help you shape your life positively and happily.

Appreciating The Journey

The Grand Canyon ’canyon-as-spa’ trip is a unique, healthful, and fun way to receive inspiration, cleanse your body, and feel the embrace of the universe. The Grand Canyon National Park is an amazing place. Its energies and inspiration will stay with you your entire lifetime.