Luberon, Provence – Natural Beauty Bathed in Light

Visiting Luberon serves up a beautiful cultural experience that will inspire you as it has countless people before. Luberon is a magical place showing another facet of France – a less polished, less rigid side – yet no less romantic and inspiring than even the beloved Paris. Even the names of the Luberon villages are beautiful. Bonnieux, Lourmarin, Lacoste, and Menerbes are just a few of the charming villages with treasures to see.

On your arrival into Luberon you will be presented with the opportunity to meet inspired friendly people and discover ‘gems’ off the paved path. You will be captivated by the gorgeous scenery including the heavenly light. If arriving in the early afternoon you may be spell bound by the delicately diffused sunlight. In Luberon, the Provencal sunlight drapes everything in a gentle lace like white light. Trees with rounded, outstretched branches growing close together gracefully part to embrace the streaming sunlight with their shadows.

The Luberon countryside is glorious with pale winding roads bending through the tree covered farm valleys and then up to meet sturdy and equally pale Mediterranean stone villas that dot the countryside. These stone villas which speckle the land have stood the test of time. Their pale stone reflects the delicate Provencal sunlight and beacons travelers on roads miles away.

They are authentic Provencal buildings that even though in some cases are remodeled, they still retain the stonework of highly regarded French Mediterranean artisanship dating back to the 13th century. A few of these buildings have become chateaus for fairly new residents of Luberon. Some others have been converted to bed and breakfasts and country inns. Even a few of the stone farmhouses in the valleys below have been converted to intimate small hotels.

Of the wonders of Luberon are the gardens which are unglorified works of art. They surround the buildings of Luberon extending along its pathways and have enshrined the villages for generations. It should be impossible to miss the Provencal flowers that crown Luberon’s gardens. Bright large blooms of striking yellow sunflower, glowing red petals of poppy, dashes of wildflower, and even shimmering fields of bright natural lavender are wonders that will delight you as you view these special Provencal gardens.

Please bear in mind that the Luberon countryside is best viewed once you have parked your car and then headed out on foot. If you are not particularly keen on walking this French countryside, then the Luberon experience may not suit you best. The glorious beauty of Luberon can only be fully realized through leisure walks.

Even during winter the beauty remains magical. The winter’s snow covered glistening hills appear to be a scene taken from a fairy tale. At times when passing a snowy vineyard, the deep green vines pointing upward show through their light snow covering and do not fail in giving us hints of the savory wines to come.

Most villages of Luberon will charm you with the quaint elegance of their sparkling fountains, restaurants, cafes, churches, shops, and galleries set amid stone paved walkways. These walkways connect to village streets which eventually lead onto unpaved roads winding around less traveled farms and fields showing the natural flora and fauna of the area.

Your visit to Luberon will give you a happier face. A cherished feeling of contentment will shower your renewed vision, and your heart. Keep a pocket sized travel journal, and a pocket sized camera for the many special moments you will want to share with your family and friends. After two or three days in Luberon you may find yourself wishing to stay, since suddenly you can breathe freely once again.