Sedona, Arizona – City of Red Rocks

Ethereal, other-worldly, and mesmerizing are just a few of the words used to describe this unique Arizonian gem. Set in the cooler hills of central Arizona, 90 minutes from Phoenix, this small city of red rocks which appear to glow at sunrise and sunset suddenly and unexpectedly rises out of the desert. Famous for spas, spiritual enrichment, and nature, this magical place contains energies that will soothe the soul and enlighten the mind.

Due to the milder climate, all months make ideal times to visit Sedona to escape from the everyday, reawaken your senses, and relax and reconnect with yourself and the environment. Upon arriving in Sedona, be sure to visit the Sedona Tourism Bureau and Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center located at 331 Forest Road, where you will receive information on fun community events and festivals, great deals and discount packages, and Sedona culture. The Sedona Visitor Center can be reached by phone at 800-288-7336 and online on the web at

Sedona has milder summers and winters than Phoenix with an average high summer temperature of 93 degrees F. and an average high winter temperature of 51 degrees F. This pleasing climate has contributed to the growth of varied trees amongst which are carefully placed villas built in a southwestern fashion. The climate is also kind to the leisure lifestyle and so prompts nature lovers and spa goers from cities around the world to visit and walk about viewing and exploring this unique southwestern ambiance.

Home to many alternative healers and practitioners, Sedona has become renowned for a holistic medical approach to health. A visit to Sedona gives you the opportunity to experience life-transforming coaching with spiritual guides. The geographic area is thought by some ‘spiritual intuitives’ to contain points of electromagnetism (locally called vortexes) which may promote physical healing and an intuitive sense of well being. You may feel compelled to embrace this alternative health side of Sedona where the friendly small-town atmosphere makes the holistic approach so accessible. As world class treatments await you, be certain to visit one of the luxury spas in this quaint town. Beautiful spas such as the L’Auberge Serenite Spa and the Mii amo Spa at Enchantment Resort are a couple we find especially elegant and genuinely charming.

Unique spa treatments with techniques and ingredients from Native American desert traditions inspired through native wisdom will help you relax your body, nurture your mind, and find inner balance. A prevailing Arizonian spirit of quiet indulgence fueled by the enchanting desert ambiance reflects the ancient traditions of the Native American Nations. Ancient therapeutic techniques which influence current Sedona spa treatments include ground corn vegetable body polishing, native herb harvesting, hot stone massaging, and body energy balancing.

The irresistable magnificence of Sedona is flatteringly explained by the visually sensual rock sculptings of nature, and the frequently mentioned profound sense of newly realized physical and spiritual healing. Sedona is a beautiful town which local residents instinctlvely cherish. The small charming town is continually being changed and reinvented while its inherent unique sensuality and beauty is always kept in place.