Seychelles, Africa – Honeymooner’s Paradise

Your family and friends lined up with cheers as the vintage car pulled near the church – You waved goodbye and headed for your plane – Looking through the plane’s cabin window you saw the island coast below – A lush green coastal forest met the shore of the beautiful secluded Republic of Seychelles Islands. This is an unforgettable honeymoon memory you could share with your new spouse to be as a blessed life together begins.

Located off the African coast, Seychelles is a wonderful secluded group of Islands perfect for romance. Honeymooners will fall in love, not only with each other all over again, but also with this piece of paradise. From the moment you arrive at Seychelles island romance will speak to you in many ways. French and English are the official languages of Seychelles, however the 19th century French ruling class ancestry has influenced a great deal of the present day Seychelles culture. French, the world renowned romance language permeates Seychelles. Along with French and English, African, Indian, and Chinese influences are present creating a uniquely elegant island culture.

You will definitely have many moments to practice your French if you care to jump at those opportunities. Perhaps you will learn a French or African song or two as you dance barefoot on the sandy beach. The music of the islands is an eclectic mixture of African, European, Polynesian, Indian, and Greek musical forms.

The few words of the Seychelles National Anthem in which the Seychellois thank God for their joy, love, and peace on a beautiful land and rich ocean speaks volumes to the human heart. This is a place which strives for love and you and your new spouse will be touched by the outstretched harmony of this small island paradise.

The strict process of sustainable tourism in Seychelles ensures that you are welcomed to a clean, environmentally respectful country where sea life, birds, and many species of plants can live in relative harmony.

If you would like to explore your artistic side and play with your bridal creativity, you may choose to purchase some blank art postcards and put your own Seychelles flora and fauna art on them. Take a few moments to paint or draw some colorful images of the beautiful native life in the islands. These would remain cherished picture mementos of your honeymoon which you could add to your photo albums.

Hopefully you will have many vibrant flowers and fragrant scents at your wedding. If so, the forested gardens of Seychelles will certainly bring back colorful memories. The island paradise is filled with the natural elegance of sensual flora. Frangipani, torch ginger, and hibiscus having blooms of crisp natural scents, Seychelles is also a haven of locally grown zesty cinnamon, soft vanilla, and warm coconut. The mere mention of such vibrancy breathes of romance.

The local cuisine will captivate your taste buds. Seasoned African meats and grilled fish with grated coconut, nutmeg, and curries with fresh locally grown fruits are served throughout the islands. Star fruit, star apple, mango, papaya, and pineapple are on the menu at many restaurants and are also available at local food markets. Grilled fish is a favorite in Seychelles and is sometimes served with breadfruit, a slightly sweet bread and potato like fruit. Be sure to look for it on your dinner menus.

This is an ideal place to reaffirm your blessed union. There are churches of different faiths throughout the islands, some with gothic ornamental architecture with steeples pointing to the heavens.

Idyllic seclusion for newlyweds is a highlight of Seychelles. Honeymoon experiences featuring romantic secluded beachfront villas can be found throughout the islands. Of our most admired is the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles which offers the bridal couple dining under the stars and private 5-Star couple’s ocean-view spa treatments.

When it’s time to venture out, you can join the locals in watching an exciting game of football and see the fervent African spirit shining through. Watch as the leopard-like reflexes of the Seychelles football players dressed in red and blue send the ball slicing through the air, causing cheers that will set your heart on fire so much like the cheers of your guests also will on your wedding day.

If you happen to be in Seychelles during June for the Seychelles National Day, you will be sure to see cultural events of the Seychellois in which they celebrate their unity. Local parades and celebrations of song are the order of the day.

The vibrant moving colors of Seychelles can also be seen in the corals and sea life off many of the islands. Marie Louise Island and Cousin Island among others have a large bird population which you can see flying through these coconut-palm treed areas. Birds such as the Heron, Robin, and the orange beaked Seychelles Bulbul can usually be spotted in Seychelles. Nothing else will be so strong a reminder that you are in an island paradise as when you awake each morning to the songs of birds singing from the top of the forest canopy.

Hiking Port Launay Marine National Park or Baie Ternay Marine National Park on the west side of Mahe will give you ample opportunity to discover even more beautiful sandy beaches. Spend the afternoon with a professionally licensed instructor snorkeling with your spouse and view the marine life and turquoise blue waters. Most of your time may be spent on Mahe, the largest of the Seychelles islands. Note however that Praslin Island is a favorite stop with tourists to Seychelles because of the clean peaceful beaches and the Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve with its maintained hiking paths and tropical scenery.

For the ultimate view of fish and sea turtles, a guided excursion with your spouse to Sister Island will provide a crystal clear view of colorful swimming sea life in shallow waters. For sailing, surfing, and other water sports, the main island of Mahe has a lot to offer. Visit the popular Beau Vallon beach in north-west Mahe for equipment rentals and professionally licensed instructor supervision.

Many hotels on Mahe feature music, dancing, and beach entertainment. For some high stakes fun of slot machines and poker, visit the city of Victoria on Mahe for casino entertainment. There are so many ways to enjoy yourself in Seychelles. You may choose to be in the mix of the entertainment or simply get away to a more romantic secluded spot.

Seychelles is a honeymooner’s paradise. Idyllic villas nested in the lush forest. Clear turquoise and topaz waters. Heavenly foods and romantic beaches where you can dance the night away. When you fall in love with Seychelles it will be lasting. Honeymoon in Seychelles and give yourself and your spouse to be a honeymoon you will both cherish forever.