Sapphire Rating System

Our proprietary Sapphire Rating System ranges from a 1 Sapphire rating (general distinctive luxury) to a 5 Sapphire rating (extraordinary elegance).

All establishments featured on Blue Candybox are Distinctive Luxury Properties and as such, they all receive at the very least a 1 Sapphire rating for general distinctive luxury. A 2 Sapphire to 5 Sapphire rating is given to a property based on exceeding distinctiveness, enhanced ambience, extraordinary attention to detail, and graceful service.

More than basic luxury hotels or lounges, our Sapphire-Rated resort destinations are far beyond the ordinary. Escape into an array of stimulating and rejuvenating retreats. These destinations from around the world were designed to exhilarate your senses and pamper your body and mind. Explore the resorts on our continually updated list and be thrilled by their distinctive elegance.

The blue sapphire is one of the finest examples of distinction. The blue sapphire’s unique deep color reminds us of indigo-blue. This Eastern color of intuitive grace and elegance marks qualities vitally essential to great hospitality. At Blue Candybox we pay homage to this distinctive creation, and thus we have embraced the blue sapphire as our symbol of distinctive luxury, intuitive grace, and elegance.

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